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The workflow of processing workshop:
Raw materials → Raw material cutting→ Rough tooling → CNC tooling → Semi-finished products (axle and roller) → Semi-finished product assembly → Finished products

  • Raw materials

  • Raw material cutting enter

  • Rough tooling center

  • CNC tooling center

  • CNC tooling center 2

  • Workshop of semi-finished products

  • Processed axles of rollers

  • Assembling workshop

  • Workshop of finished products

  • Finished rollers

Production Equipment
  • Plane Grinding Machine-Mainly used in processing the cutting blades, punching blade, etc. to achieve high flatness.

  • Boring Machine-A boring machine is used to achieve greater accuracy of the diameter of a hole.

  • 10m Frame Slotting & Milling Machine-Mainly used in processing the surface of machines’frame to improve the flatness.

  • Cylindrical Grinding Machine-Mainly used in grinding the shafts to reach greater accuracy.

  • CNC Center-All the rollers are processed by the CNC machines with high accuracy.

  • Rough Machining Center
    Rollers, Shafts are processed roughly here after cutting, then move on to CNC center or cylindrical grinding for a further machining.

Zhongyuan has our own R&D department with 5 senior engineers who has more than 10 years experience in metal forming machine industry, so that ensure the professional designing and solution to client. We have our own tooling center, including in CNC turning-lathe, Grinding machine for roller shaft, Heavy planning machine, etc. Only coating chrome, heating treatment and wire-cutting are treated in our partner, all other tooling are made in our tolling center to ensure the whole quality of machines. All cutting frame of machines from our company are heat treatment to remove stress of steel, so that ensure perfect shape of product from machine for long time. With experienced workers and advanced equipment, we have high efficiency, so that annual output can reach to be 180 sets of machines.

Showroom and Our Team
  • Showing room 1

  • Showing room 2

  • Group Photo

Pictures of Products
  • White single layer roll forming machine

  • Corrugated sheet roll forming machine

  • Roof roll forming machine

  • Automatic CZ purlin forming machine


Hangzhou Zhongyuan Machinery Factory

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