Roll Forming Equipment

    1. Roll Forming Machine for Trapezoidal Roofing SheetsTrapezoidal sheets is a popular selection of cladding and roofing material. If you are looking for sheet metal fabrication equipment for trapezoidal profile forming, then this roll forming machine is your optimum choice.
    1. Roll Forming Machine for Corrugated Metal Roofing SheetsThis roll forming machine is crafted to meet your corrugated sheet production demands. Corrugated steel sheet has been always popular in construction industry to serve as roofing and cladding material because of its strength and easy handling.
    1. Roll Forming Machine for Steel Facade PanelsFabricated for steel facing panel production, the roll forming machine is available with 13 groups of forming rollers supporting width adjustment. One side of the roller is fixed, while the other side can be adjusted via screw.
    1. Roll Forming Machine for Metal Floor DeckThe roll forming machine is a popular range of sheet metal coil processing equipment for the production of steel floor decks. The metal decking produced by the metal forming machine comes with high strength, large spaces between waves, and adheres well to concrete.
    1. Roll Forming Machine for C PurlinsThe roll forming machine is used to produce C purlines with width between 100 and 240mm. It supports feeding materials such as cold rolled steel strip and heat treated galvanized steel strip with thickness from 0.5 to 3.0mm.
    1. Roll Forming Machine for Z PurlinsThis selection of roll forming machine can produce Z purlins with varied size. It can be custom designed as per client-side demands on the purline size.
    1. Roll Forming Machine for Steel Cable TrayWe have the facilities, the capacity, and the experience to manufacture a wide range of roll forming machines to meet varied sheet metal fabrication demands. This line of roll forming equipment is created for producing cable trays from galvanized steel sheet.
    1. Roll Forming Machine for Steel Studs and TracksAdopting cold rolled or galvanized steel strip with thickness between 0.5 and 0.6mm as the feeding material, the roll forming machine can be used to produce studs and tracks in an efficient way.
    1. Guardrail Roll Forming MachineCutting frame has gone through a heat treatment to avoid deformations.
      The cutting blade is made of Cr12 with quenched treatment
    1. Crimping Machine The crimping machine is often used together with other metal forming equipment to assist in sheet metal forming and fabrication. It is especially popular for working with our roll forming machines to help fabrication of roofing sheets.
    1. Embossing Machine The embossing machine is designed to create embossed patterns on galvanized steel sheets. One machine can make only one embossment pattern, but the pattern is customizable as per clients' demands.