Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Production Line

The PU sandwich panel line is a composite material production line that integrates advanced mechanical, chemical, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic technologies.

Applications of PU Sandwich Panel Line
Featuring high efficiency and simple operation, this metal forming machine is regularly utilized for the manufacturing of PU sandwich panels which are often used as insulated wall and roof panels for steel structures, cold storages, and mobile buildings.

In order to suit varied customer demands, we can design and manufacture PU sandwich panel production lines in different specs, models and configurations.

Technical Data of PU Sandwich Panel Line
Sandwich Panel Spec.
Min. cutting length 3 meters
Max. stacking length 15m
Panel width 1000mm (can be designed as per client's requirement)
Panel thickness Mini. thickness 40mm (corrugated sandwich panel)
50mm (wall panel)
Max. thickness 150mm (excluding corrugated sandwich panel)
Steel Sheet Spec.
Thickness 0.4-0.7mm (color steel sheet)
Width 1250mm (can be designed as per client's requirement)
Max. steel coil weight 10 tons
Inner dia. of steel coil 508mm
Whole Production Line Spec.
Production speed About 3-7m/min (adjustable)
Total length about 105m
Working height 1200mm (height of panel coming out)
Pressure for foaming 150-200 bar
Double belt conveyor 23m
Control mode Mitsubishi PLC and converter
Total power About 100Kw (as per final designing)
Power required 380V/3phase/50Hz or as per customer's requirement.
Air pressure 0.7Mpa (for buyer to prepare)
  • Roll forming machines forms panels up and down sheets. Machine’s lifetime can be more than 10 years.

  • 23m double belts conveyor makes panels more even.

  • Fly cutting style cuts panels automatically according to set length.

  • Mitsubishi PLC controller with automatic mode and manual mode, realize continuous production.

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